That is the story of a perfect plan that failed and about project that was not planned at all.

Not even the vague shadow of this idea has ever crossed my mind before… Until the Covid-19 came and we all were locked down at our homes.

I was prepared for the epidemic far before my friends, both financially and mentally. Since mid-February my  fridge was full, my home winery was well stocked and in my head I had a perfect plan for doing all those things for which I had no time before. I believed that the time was given to me free of charge as the gift.

The first thing I did after my come back from ALTS in Prague was taking my agenda and planning all next month ahead. I had plan for everything and for every single day of the week. I planned online meetings, research, checking properties, selection, implementation, promotion, newsletters, posts for Facebook, learning, conferences. Everything, including the tasks for which I simply did not have time before closing our businesses.

It started very well and worked until the day 4th, which was the day of sending a newsletter to my database in which at the moment I have over 6 thousands email addresses.

The newsletter worked.

Within just a few hours I received over 25 booking requests for Spring and Summer 2021 (hence the requests were rather easy to close, even in the times of Covid-19).

I had rates and my quotations, I had my presentations made, what I did not have to close part of those requests with success was a simple information such as photos and fact sheets.

I sent emails to my business partners requesting for the missing files and waited. And waited. And waited. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days… Imagine, that until today part of those emails are still unreplied.

It is not complaint at all, because I understand both buyers and suppliers. I am both of them.

That was not any fault of my business partners but the fault of the system, which was not working at some point for at least part of the market.

When I lost over € 5,000 of income within just few days of waiting, I understood that the industry simply is missing something.


I asked myself

What that could be?


The answer came fast and it was simple as well.

We all are missing a tool that could let us all work faster, without emails and questions being sent to the other part of the world every 15 minutes and in high stress. And what is most important, without necessity of waiting.


Then the idea of the concept showed up and it is, what I handle you today.

I give you my own terabytes of space so you could collect there everything what is needed in active selling process of 4 and 5 starred properties.

Whether you are buyer or supplier, just choose your membership and enjoy The Space For Luxury.


Anytime, everywhere, with no time limits.

Anna Plebanek
Founder & CEO
Ideas are what I love. Projects that help others, are what I love even more.
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