Welcome, Buyer

I have few questions for you

How many times have you lost a sale opportunity while waiting for a sale kit from your Supplier?

How much did that cost you?

How many clients have chosen another agency due to lack of feedback from your Supplier?

How many times the sales persons changed company and you lost access to the source of basic marketing information?

How many times sales office did not read your email carefully and you had to ask for the same few times?

How tired are you with expiring WeTransfer links?

How tired are you with downloading the photos from the main website of the hotel?

Wish you like to do something with all those issues?

What if I gave you a tool that could solve all these problems?

If you are ready to sell faster, feel invited to join us!

How does it work?

It is super simple but super helpful! Just follow the steps!

  • Buy your yearly subscription. Before adding the subscription to the cart, make sure that you buy the service that you need. Please read the description carefully. Send us your questions if you are not sure what is best for your needs.
  • Log in to our File Repository and then scan the QR code that you have received from your Supplier.
  • If you do not have the QR code, just search the hotel by name.
  • Download the files that you need.
  • If you do not find the files that you need or the company that you need is not included in our Repository, ask your Supplier for joining us by sending recommendation to the company.
  • For each recommendation ended with sale, you get 10% commission that is stored in your UDS account. You will find more information about how to use the Recommendation System here [paste link].

How to use it?

It is simple

If your Supplier shared a QR code with you, just scan it with your phone to be redirected straight to the files that you need. You will be asked for logging in.

If you do not have the QR code, just log in to the Repository and find the hotel that you wish like to book. Then download the files.

If you cannot find the desired hotel, ask your Supplier for joining us via UDS app and earn a discount on your next Subscription or earn your commission.

Are you ready to sell faster?

If so, just scroll down and add your Subscription to the cart.

After receiving your payment we will contact you to help you with all the steps.

Thank you for upgrading your business with us!

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