Welcome, Supplier

I have few questions for you

Do you attend all important Travel Shows, one by one, and are too busy to send sale emails to your newly attracted buyers?

Are you a frequent flyer and have limited access to your emails and Internet connection? Your emails wait for replies?

Do you lose your buyers because you cannot multiply time and be available for everyone all the time?

Would you like your buyers to start selling your offer right away after the sale meeting?

Have your buyer ever failed to sell booking for your property because you failed to answer his or her questions fast enough?

Are you tired of explaining the same topic million times a day?

Would you like to forget about carrying pendrives to each meeting that you attend?

Are you annoyed with uploading files to WeTransfer or Dropbox for all your buyers separately?

And the last question...

Do you pass your guests to your competitors and lose money that could be easly deposited into your company’s bank account?

Do you?

Would you like to do something about that?

What if I gave you a tool that could solve all these problems?

If you are ready to sell faster, feel invited to join us!

How does it work?

It is super simple but super helpful! Just follow the steps!

  • Buy your yearly subscription. Before adding the subscription to the cart, make sure that you buy the service that you need. Please read the description carefully. Send us your questions if you are not sure what is best for your needs.
  • Prepare the sales kit – HiRes photos, fact sheets, brochures, movies – as mentioned in the description of the chosen Membership. Make sure that all the files are properly named.
  • Write an example email in Word. That should be standard but detailed email which you would normally write and send to your Buyer. Try to give all answers in advance and to predict what your Buyers might need.
  • Let us do the rest for you and wait for an email with your QR code and discount code for your Buyers and/or Suppliers that you would like to recommend.
  • Remember to renew your Membership on time. QR codes expire together with your subscription.
  • Invite your Buyers to join us and offer them a 10% discount on their yearly subscription. They need to purchase their subscription as well to gain unlimited access to all our file repository.
  • For each recommendation ended with sale, you get 10% commission that is stored in your UDS account. You will find more information here [paste link].

How to use it?

It is simple

Paste your QR code on the back of your business card or keep it in your email footer.

If you sell only via chosen agencies, make the QR code a sticker and stick it to your business card only when you need it.

After scanning the code your Buyer will only have to login to the Repository, to download your sales kit.

Are you ready to sell faster?

If so, just scroll down and add your Subscription to the cart.

After receiving your payment we will contact you to help you with all the steps.

Thank you for upgrading your business with us!

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